viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013


Christians need to pray to God and the Lord Jesus for democracy? I think so. Therefore, I offer prayer for DEMOCRACY.
Hugs from Spain.
Atte. Florencio Salvador Díaz Fernández.

God and Father Well
They love us and we are looking for.
In many things we need
in your church community
and the world in which we live.
Work, enthusiasm,
aware of our obligations.
Alongside this, Father of love,
Today we ask you to help us to be
indeed tolerant and fair.
Let your Spirit help us,
to let live and express themselves,
who is on our side.
That freedom responsible
installed in our society and our world,
for anyone;
regardless of race,
sex or social status;
can raise your hand
and exercise their right of expression worthy.
Lest we keep our talents,
Let not those of others are drowned.

Make us sensitive to the cry
of the poor and disadvantaged,
because only respecting
loving and being human
we can build a society
and a fairer world. Amen.

Good evening, Father of love.

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